Herbloom Digital

Design and management for brands that crave more from their data.


Giving you the keys to collect and exchange information beautifully.


Here at Herbloom Digital, we are data and research designers passionate about fulfilling creative brands’ craving for collecting valuable information about their brand and target audience.

We are brand experience advocates empowering you to use your data to tell better stories and create better products for your consumers and clients. Our team leverages the functionality of Typeform to deliver meaningful research experiences that spark conversation and provide the intel your brand needs to thrive.

From product questionnaires to lead generation, we design well-planned experiences to generate feedback from your tribe and streamline your marketing campaign goals for better results.


research never looked this good

The Work

We believe your information collection process should be visually appealing, conversational, and relatable.

Allow us to set you up with research campaigns ignited to build trust and engage your audience. Whether you’re launching a new product or about to refresh your website, we’ll give you the tools to include your audience every step of the way.

This is How We Do It

 Step 1

Goal(s) Discovery

We'll chat to discover your research goals to strategize the right campaign. After our chat, we’ll conduct a deep dive audit to give you the real on who your audience is.

Step 2

Questionnaire Creation

Once we determine your goals and audience persona(s), we’ll get to work on building out your questions including logic jumps so you can get the answers you’re looking for.

Step 3

Typeform Design + Build

Then, we’ll design and build your questionnaire using Typeform. After the beautification, we will give you the keys and cheer you on for your launch!

We dive into the numbers so you don’t have to.

After your launch, we’ll schedule a review session to deliver an in-depth analysis of the results that’s easy for you and your team to digest. Sounds good, right?

Not into data and numbers? That’s music to our ears. Put us on a monthly retainer, we have on-going Typeform and Data management services.


Give your brand’s digital presence the revival it needs to thrive.

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meet the owner

Hey, My name is Queneisha

I'm the Lead Designer and Creative Director of this niched agency.

As a digital creator, I'm obsessed with collecting data to use as a guide when planning creative campaigns. While working as a freelance brand strategist, I noticed smaller teams were overwhelmed by their data and information from consumers so it was often left unmanaged.

I've created Herbloom Digital to offer unique data management and design services to empower brands to own their brand’s digital presence and manage data beautifully. I use Typeform personally and enjoy creating beautiful surveys. I want to bring that same excitement to brands in need of support. I look forward to working with you on your next project. Until then, please indulge in my portfolio of brands:

LUXE RADAR MEDIA & Herbloom Lab of Herbloom Global, LLC